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The Free Churches Group unites the Free Churches in England and Wales.  It does this by promoting fellowship, shared discussions and working together. The Group recognises that each member church remains at liberty to fulfil its own distinctive witness and mission.  It has 24 member churches in the Non-Conformist, Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions.

There is a particular focus on supporting chaplaincy work in Prisons, Healthcare and Education. 

Healthcare chaplains, who are employed by the National Health Service (NHS), are authorised for ministry by their respective denominations or faith communities.  They are employed to meet the spiritual and/or religious needs of people of all faiths and philosophies of life.

A chaplain from one of the Free Churches is an integral member of the chaplaincy team (ecumenical and multi-faith).  He or she shares fully in ministry to all patients, staff and to the institution.

Our chaplains are required to follow the 'Five Marks of Chaplaincy' ( They must also maintain a relationship to the church locally, giving assurance that they have their own pastoral support.

The representatives on the Network for Pastoral, Spiritual and Religions Care in Health are Revd Meg Burton and Revd Mark Burleigh.

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